Clients' experiences in working with Ian

.. we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Ian Johnston for his outstanding contributions to this government-wide initiative, ... Working with Ian these past few months has been a genuine pleasure;

His excellent facilitation skills, positive influence, wit, ingenuity and communication skills were invaluable throughout the project thus far. All of his deliverables were provided on time and were of excellent quality. Ian has shown exceptional leadership and we feel that Ian’s continued assistance and participation will set us up for great success going forward.
— IT Security executives -- BC Provincial Government
Ian is more than a coach. He is a mentor who motivated me in and outside of the gym.
— Brent S, (RCMP)
I’ve enjoyed our conversations and your coaching has been a great support to me over the past few months.

Your work in the (corporate process innovations) was stellar and people left at the end of the project wanting more!
— Project Manager, Government-wide process improvement project
It has been a very good learning experience from working with you and you are always there to mentor and share your knowledge (and jokes too). As I go on to my next journey I know that often I will ask myself - what would Ian do..
— Viki K. (Fujitsu America Inc.)
Ian’s no nonsense straight forward approach was instrumental in the success of my (personal goals). His ability to point me in the right direction throughout the process is a testament to his real-world expertise.
— Levi T. (Prov. Gov’t)
I was very fortunate to have you as my coach/mentor. Thanks for teaching me the ways of the {Lean Six Sigma) greenbelt, overall support and how accessible/easy you are to work with. It’s been a pleasure.
— Chris J. (Prov. Gov’t)
Thank you for sharing your expertise (and presenting) on collaboration and for helping to make Lean BC Day a success
— Colleen S
Thanks for your help and guidance in ‘how to eat an elephant’ J
— Tahna N. (Prov. Gov’t)