Organizations and individuals looking to make improvements and lasting change are often challenged by core issues that impede sustained progress. I thrive on being of service to my project teams and my clients to help them mitigate core issues and to receive concrete returns on their investments. 

I have over 27 years of proven experience in three primary services that are used jointly or separately in order to best support your objectives and desired outcomes; Team Facilitation, Business Consulting,  Individual Coaching.

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Using my extensive experience in management consulting, lean six sigma, business analysis and project leadership I have led more than 40 projects to success. The accumulative average of return on investment (ROI) across all projects is over $1,000,000 annually in cost saving or, in the case of government services, reassigned operational costs.

 On all of my client's projects, in addition to successful project completion, I ensure mentorship and knowledge transfer to the project team and executives to help support sustainment of improvements and to build corporate capacity for future projects. 

 Private career and leadership coaching also has a high ROI. My coaching style is based on your personal career or business goals; using tools and suggestions that work for ‘you’, and creating a specific plan of action together.

 I am also distinguished as an energetic and entertaining public speaker that always delivers an educational and exciting message; whether it is for developing business skills, project operations or team-building and motivation.