I provide consulting services for companies that want to receive the highest level of ROI and sustained improvements, and who want a positive experience with their consulting relationship.  

My goal is to deliver successful outcomes that your company can sustain and improve! An innovation or new solution should be completely sustainable by the company when the consultant moves on or starts the company’s next project. I ensure that my clients are fully engaged and qualified to provide input to the project outcomes and then are in a position to take sustainable-ownership of those outcomes.

I have a proven track record for project delivery; including leadership, process innovation and business analysis. I am a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Business Analyst with extensive training in project & change management. My experience includes leading teams through the complete process innovation, system development (SDLC), and Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

I am also distinguished as an energetic, professional and enjoyable facilitator that always delivers the desired outcomes and gets tangible results from workshops, planning sessions and team building.

I also am known as exceptional career coach and mentor. I have provided coaching on Lean Six Sigma certification-projects, career advancement and career changes for many happy and successful clients.

Some of my Past Projects

BC Hydro

*Coaching, Training and Facilitation.
Multiple Projects: e.g. Asbestos Inventory Management, Maintenance Assessment and Work Orders. 

Ministry of Health

*Coaching, Training, Facilitation & Process Innovation.
Multiple Projects: e.g. Palliative Home Care & Inter-Govt. Relations Hosting.

Ministry of Justice

*Coaching, Training & Process Innovation. Projects: Facilitation Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangement (DFAA).

Saskatchewan: Ministry of Environment

*Facilitation and Business Process Innovation. Projects: Regulatory Based Results (RBR), Applications Processes and Permissions Management (APPM) Initiative.

BC Centre For Employment Excellence

Coaching and Strategic Planning. Project: Business Process Management (BPM) in the Non-Profit Sector - A national joint effort partnership.

Ministry of Finance & Office of the Comptroller General

*Facilitation of Business Process Innovation.
Multiple Projects: e.g. Purchase-card Retrieval and Reconciliation, Freedom of Information Request.

*BC Public Services Agency

*Facilitation of Business Process Innovation. 
Multiple Projects: e.g. Multiple training courses, practitioner coaching, mentoring and strategic planning support.

*Office of the Premier

*Coaching, Training, Facilitation & Process Innovation.
Multiple Projects: e.g. Freedom of Information Request, Maintenance Assessment & Work Orders, Premier Awards Nomination. 

Numerous Happy People

Career Coaching, Mentoring, Networking, Planning and much more ......

*many of these projects were lead while employed for prestigious organizations such as Fujitsu Consulting, OA Solutions, and Sierra Systems