Three Tips to Get the Most From Your Coaching

Coaching is a relationship that is designed to help you reach your goals. There is NEVER a magic pill or a big-bang solution to goals. The attainment of planned results is similar to the force behind a 10,000 pound flywheel moving under its own momentum. The path to get those results is like the collective energy that is required to get that big flywheel moving …. by hand!!!  It takes one small, repeated and consistent push after another, never losing momentum.

Work Your Flywheel


1.   Do at least one small activity every day that is related to the outcomes derived from your last coaching session. Remember the question “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”.

2.   Provide your coach with regular updates as to your progress. This is not to benefit your coach! Reporting some small success or milestone – or lack thereof - with a quick email, phone call, text message or formal update will keep your momentum going and get that flywheel moving!

3.       Setup your next coaching session before you end that session’s call or meeting. Doing this will give you a specific amount of time to get planned actionable items accomplished.